The Nation of Islam was one of the first organisations brave enough to confront the problem of gunviolence within the black community. Due to the mainstream medias antipathy towards the Nation of Islam, no media coverage was given to these events.

London, 1999 © Ishmahil.

Stop the War demonstration, Hyde Park 2003. Although two million people gathered in Hyde Park and millions gathered around the world to protest against the invasion of Iraq, their protests fell on deaf ears.

Hyde Park, London, 2003 © Ishmahil
The woman at the centre of this photograph is one of speakers corners most popular speakers. A religious zealot, she is often called racist for her beliefs and views that non-white people should not be in Britain.

Speakers Corner, London, 1999 © Ishmahil

Anti-capitalism protester scrawls on her forehead her opinion about the system.

London, 2000 © Ishmahil
Anti-globalisation protesters defaced this statue over looking the Houses of Parliament. They improvised a surgical mask made out of plastic bags to protest against corporate environmental policies.

London, 2000
© Ishmahil
Lee Jasper, Race Policy Advisor to the Mayor of London Ken Livingston, giving the Black Power salute in response to Frank Crichlow being cleared of drugs charges and being awarded a substantial amount in compensation.

Notting Hill, London, 1990
© Ishmahil
A symbiosis of colours and patterns exposes the contradictions of the mythical hyper-masculine African male.

London, 2001 © Ishmahil
Sledge was one of the old patriarchs of the Notting Hill community. He was one of the original inhabitants of ‘Back A Wall’, a community of Rastas in Jamaica. He was also a close confidant of the radical Rasta leader Mortimmo Planno.

Notting Hill, London, 1997
© Ishmahil
At this Anti-Globilisation rally in the centre of London, police deployed a tactic of blocking of exit routes and containing demonstrators in confined areas. This tactic led to direct confrontations with frustrated demonstrators.

London, 2000 © Ishmahil
Anti-Globalisation demonstrations. Police preventing demonstrators from getting too close to the British establishment. New riot and crowd control tactics were used to contain and disperse demonstrators.

London, 2000 © Ishmahil

Anti-capitalist demonstrations in Brussels. Police uniforms, tactics and powers of arrest were all modified to deal with Western governments concerns of civil unrest.

Brussels, 2002 © Ishmahil
Crack cocaine ravaged and destroyed entire communities. Old street soldiers often fell victim to the perils of their own wares. This photograph was taken on the Stonebridge estate an area once described as one of the most dangerous in Britain.

Stonebridge, London, 1988 © Ishmahil
Police giving a black man a hiding. The individual was later charged with assaulting two police officers, affray, criminal damage and inciting a riot. These charges were dropped after photographs like this were produced and it transpired that the innocent man's arrest had been filmed by ITN. No charges of assault were brought against these officers.

England, Notting Hill, 1989 © Robin Mayes
Anti-gun rally organised by the Nation of Islam after a spate of murders in one of London's most notorious trouble spots. There is an established culture of fear within black communities, placards like this called for unity in an effort to confront the known gunmen.

London, 1999 © Ishmahil

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