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Californian spoken word artist Metis is looking to make a splash on London’s poetry scene in the very near future.  At age 27, he has been involved in various aspects of music, from spoken word to song-writing, most recently for Asian pop star Mint Jiramaneekul (who is now with Sony).  He is currently working on his own combination spoken word and hip hop album with producers here in the UK.  The West Coast slam poet is a life-long student of philosophy and sociology; his introspective themes of social justice are prevalent throughout his work.  Keep your eyes peeled for this guy; he is sure to break out on London’s spoken word scene in a big way.  Says Metis: “I have always written and valued authentic self-expression very highly; with spoken word I found that I was able to tap most directly into my authentic voice.”

Poetry In Motion
By Metis

They say freedom is priceless – but it’s still expensive
Only a few can make it through but if there’s even one hole in that siv…

Then I’m IN IT
External analysis unsuccessful - they couldn’t see beyond my grin - it’s -

I’m Multi. Dimensional

Multi-national. Multi-faceted
With - multiple thoughts now spoken, no verbal strait-jackets, just
Multiple metaphysical metaphors shot through a steel jaw that’s my gat and it’s
Time to run laps around turtles with no rabbit-like mental lapses --- kid

So these eyes shed no saline interior despite being an Ellisonian ‘Invisible Man’
Instead I wage a calculated war against this invisible plan
Eventual George Sorosian market moving speculation - disproving founding theories of economics like Adam Smith’s invisible hand
To raid previously impenetrable tombs of nepotistic inheritance like Michael Milken, man!

Elucidate racial sociology with simple questions followed by answers that are complex
Like the under-representation of libraries in your local project-slash-social test
Or the abundance of liquor stores that exist next to corner stores that cash checks
Complicated like checkerboards for players that don’t know the game – is chess

Or monopoly ghetto
But fuck landing on Tesco
So I hustle this Ivy League diploma like pimps work ho’s in black stilettos
Mid-east sheik’s selling petro
Toll booth’s on the metro
We’ve got to create our own dreams there’s no magician’s presto!

With the strength of Rosa Park’s not standin
Napoleon’s stratagem when he was plannin
Or the doubt-transcending vision of the Wright brother’s orchestratin their first landin

Picasso’s hand when he was paintin
The patience of the Buddha deep in meditation
And like the great doctor Martin Luther King delivering his most powerful statement
I Have a Dream

And am a new breed
Of Individual freedom fighter with a message to send
In search of undiscovered territories – willing to travel to the very end
Of worlds presupposed to be flat and

The limits to connect the extremities
Studied pictures of my youth and even THEY belied the intrinsic character within me
A furrowed brow and a set of eyes that shone an unmistakable oscillation between serenity

And exaltation
The very-same look worn by space-men
Who stood both feet on the moon and faced a world that could NOT restrain them

I - Explore metaphors MILES DEEPER than cocoons into butterflies,
I - Scaled the highest mountains of fear in a search for The Divine,
I - Encountered the celestial heavens and found that they were only mirrors in the sky
I - Saw my own reflection shine and become reborn before my very eyes
I - Outmaneuvered time

And named myself after my yet to be conceived seed – Metis – my only succession
The answer: This London-based spoken word artist knows his worth and refuses to settle for ANY concession
Reverse conventional notions of syntax like Jeopardy and re-phrase it in the form of a ques-tion:

Who is Metis?

Professional skier on life’s slalom - able to perennially outmaneuver these authenticity lost miscreants
By engineering individually developed and patented self implants
Of integrity infused norplants
And now repeatedly supplant
The proverbial “He Can’t”
With the empirical “Has Done”

CV now reads CT: Consummate Tailor - for the way I seamlessly articulate in physical form the visions of my mind
And for the fact that I take new measurements of people – Every Time –

I meet ‘em
Demonstrate a level of specificity that would make even the quantum physicists from “What the Bleep” say “What the Bleep!?when-

Ever I feel like it.
Whether on the stock exchange or in front of steel mics – it’s

Literary heavyweight - Undoubtedly.
Upgrade Shakespeare - Materially.
The only relevant metric for self-evaluation when looking in the mirror appears to be

Metis – or not Metis

Spoken Word