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The following is a translation of Hezbollah Secretary General Sheikh Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's speech made at Riad Solh Square on Tuesday, 8 March, 2005, in central Beirut.

It is important to address some words to our partners in the country. Let us hold dialogue, an interior and international dialogue. Lebanon is an exceptional case. Lebanon is not Somalia nor Ukraine nor Georgia. If some people believe that they can topple Lebanon's government, security, stability and strategic choices through some demonstrations, slogans and media, they are wrong.

Lebanon cannot be built but with the cooperation of its citizens and dialogue between all its factions, as no one can impose on us his choices through words or even weapons.

The country will be lost if it loses dialogue and accord, and if the country is lost, all of us will be lost.

I address French President Jacques Chirac and I ask him: If you loved Lebanon and cared for its independence and freedom, you should consider the different points of view. Aren't these people among the Lebanese citizens that you love? These Lebanese are telling you: We want to preserve our historical and special relations with Syria; we insist on the Palestinian refugees' return to their land; we refuse Resolution 1559. These Lebanese people urge you to stop supporting a resolution refused by the majority of the Lebanese.

Isn't that the principle of democracy in the West? If Lebanese democracy means accord, so where is the accord on Resolution 1559?

I urge France and its president, Jacques Chirac, to reconsider their position regarding their love to Lebanon.

I address U.S. President George W. Bush, Ms. Condoleezza Rice and the American- Lebanese field leader [David] Satterfield: Your plans aimed at dividing the country are wrong. Lebanon cannot be divided nor defeated. Lebanon will not change its name, or its history, or its identity. Lebanon will not throw its heart to your soldiers' dogs to eat it.

Lebanon will remain the country of Arabism, the country of nationalism, the country of resistance. Lebanon is the nation itself.

I am asking you and you can reply loudly in order to let your voices be heard by the commander of the U.S. forces in the region, John Abizaid: Are you afraid of the United States fleets? Those fleets came here in the past and were defeated, and they will be defeated again if they return. I tell the Americans: Do not interfere in our domestic affairs. Let your ambassador rest in his embassy in Awkar and leave us. We, as Lebanese, care for our country, our national unity and our civil peace. Be gone with your plans of upheaval.

I address Israel, Sharon, [Shaul] Mofaz and [Silvan] Shalom: forget your hopes and quit dreaming of your ambitions in Lebanon. There is no place for you here. In 1982, you were at the zenith and our country was emerging from war. However, we resisted and fought for our liberation, and we defeated you. We, today, as Lebanese, with our unity, with our determination, with our soldiers, with our resistance, are stronger than we have ever been in the past.

You, as Israelis, are being defeated by our brothers, the Palestinians. What you couldn't get through war; you can never get through political strategies.

We have gathered here in order to stress our position and view. I hope that you would repeat, after I finish my speech, the slogan we have always said: We refuse the division and the death of Lebanon; we want Lebanon to remain strong and united. Long live united Lebanon.

1st August 2007
Hassan Nasrallah