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Watch out for Karma! Not the philosophy, but the up-and-coming London-based hip hop artist. Born in England, Karma (Dipesh Karia) was taken by his parents to Australia at age three. Throughout his childhood, he remained down under, where he later completed his self-titled demo album which was very well-received by Australian audiences. A year ago, Karma chose to return to the UK and has since embraced the issues that are fundamental to his daily experiences here. He takes his influences from all walks of life and many genres of music. Inspiring artists include a range from Linkin Park to Lupe Fiasco, Chilli Peppers to Bob Marley, and of course, legendary artists such as Tupac, Nas, Common & Guru. Karma's first single is available as a hip hop, Bhangra, or ‘mellow mix,’ attesting to his versatility as well as his diverse range of influences.

Karma's first single, ‘Can We Grow,’ is an insightful confrontation to many of the issues that surround the July 7th London bombings. Racism and stereotypes are dispelled through the song's personal address and innovative video. A message of unity is integral throughout and his down-to-earth interpretation of that fateful day is a part of Karma’s astute commentary. His honest observations and pure musical delivery connect political and personal in a communicative and original style. Karma does not shy away from telling the truth about Islam and addressing public misconceptions. Admirable for both his creative and perceptive style, Karma is definitely a new artist to watch out for and support.

Reviewed by Kate Glinsman

Can We Grow
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