Tony Benn - "My Official Obituary"
President of the Anti-War Movement and former Labour Party Member of Parliament Tony Benn talks about his attitudes towards war, religion, Bush & Blair. > view video


FACE OFF: Lil' Kim vs. Sinéad O'Connor
We all know that sex sells. But do female artists always have to flaunt their sexuality in order to sell records? > read more
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The Film Director the CIA Tried to Silence
Rice N Peas Films has acquired rights to the ground-breaking film The Day The Dream Died, the documentary purchased by Oliver Stone and used as the foundation of his acclaimed film JFK. > read more
The Phenomenon of 'Black-on-Black' Violence
In the US, Canada and now Britain, black men are murdered at a rate that far surpasses the national average of men of other races.
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Will the Revolution Survive Tomorrow?
For the past forty-four years, the US government has prevented Cuba from conducting legitimate trade by banning any ship which docks at a Cuban port from docking at a US port
. > read more
Galloway's Orwellian Nightmare
A week in politics is a long time, but surely three weeks in the Celebrity Big Brother household is a lifetime for political firebrand George Galloway.
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Features Archives
Whatever happened to Black Power?
Things certainly have changed since the 1960's. An examination of the Black Power Movement and its presence (or lack thereof) in today's society.
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Do You Hear the People Sing?
Why are blacks and the working classes absent from West End and Broadway theatre audiences, asks Jill Bolstridge, our US correspondent. > read more
FACE OFF: Morales vs. Merkel
RNP reporter Sean Mendez profiles the recently elected socialist leader of Bolivia, Evo Morales, against Angela Merkel, the recently elected pro-American Chancellor of Germany. > read more
Reporting from the Frontline
RNP correspondent Gabrielle Tierney interviews James Brabazon, winner of the Rory Peck International Impact Award 2003, discussing two of his films, A Journey Without Maps and Liberia: An Uncivil War,
> view video
In the Aftermath of Destruction
Hurricane Katrina revealed some of the darkest realities of racism and class division in America. US Correspondent Jill A. Bolstridge examines the media’s image... > read more
The Media's Strong Right Hand
An examination of the corruption of public news sources in the US and the absence of objectivity in the mainstream media of the world's greatest super power. > read more
Mission or Missionary?
Whom did Live 8 really serve: the people of Africa or the egos of pop star mania? A discussion of Live 8 and the areas of impact these concerts really served. >
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Words Ease the Pain of War
Writing from the former conflict region of Sierra Leone, the words of poet George Tengbe reawaken the human tragedy which befell this small West African... > read more
Iraj Emami: Film-Making in Iran
Gabrielle Tierney interviews Iraj Emami, Iranian film-maker and director of The Walnut Harvest and Towards Sunset. > read more
Holidays in the Axis of Evil
Gabrielle Tierney speaks with BBC reporter and presenter of Holidays in the Axis of Evil, Ben Anderson, and explores some of his behind-the-camera views on some of the world's most dangerous conflicts. > read more
FACE OFF: Sean Penn vs Bruce Willis
The son of a blacklisted man during the McCarthy trials versus a former military enthusiast: two actors from very different sides of the spectrum... > read more
The Rise of the Griot
These are baron times in black music. Ask anyone.  They’ll tell you, “It’s not what it used to be.”  We are forced to reminisce back to better times...
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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
"EHM are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Their tools include payoffs, extortion, sex... > read more
No Dancing with the "Red Devils" in Nepal
As violence sweeps through Nepal, the people have declared the last days of the Monarchy. The question now is: Will the Mao-ists share power? > read more
Child Brides
Oppression of women or benevolent parenting? An observation of the cultural taboos held against one of the world's oldest traditions. > read more
On The Other Side Of The Fence
As public hysteria towards illegal immigrants, asylum seekers and foreign criminals grows, world governments rush through knee jerk legislations.
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Straitjackets of Beauty
The ever-changing ideals of beauty are a dominating force in society and the ways in which people perceive themselves and each other. >
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500 Years Later
Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr. interviews Owen 'Alik Shahadah, director of the ground-breaking documentary 500 Years Later. > read more
Diamonds Are A Fool's Best Friend
What do Hollywood's biggest celebrities, MTV artists, romancing couples, wannabe gangsters and aristocrats all have in common? >
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FACE OFF: Hu Jintao vs Hugo Chavez
New darling of the West, Chinese President Hu Jintao versus political outcast Hugo Chavez, the outspoken leader for Latin American reform.> read more
The British Identity Crisis
The face of Britain has changed. Local fish and chip shops now serve West Indian patties, Oriental spring rolls and Asian curries. >
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Dead Prez: Behind The Music
Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr. speaks to M-1 and, the duo behind the politically charged rap group Dead Prez. > read interview
The Politics of Long Hair
From Jesus Christ to Rastafarians, from hippies to Cuban revolutionaries, long hair has long been a symbol of radical resistance and rebellion. > read more
FACE OFF: Machiavelli vs Sun Tzu
Two historic military and political strategists who have influenced the world of war, politics, business, and even relationships. > read more
The Children of Thatcher & Reagan
The 80s gave birth to a generation that wants it all and wants it all now. Could this be a side effect of Thatcher & Reagan's free market economics?
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Islam is Not the Enemy
The so-called "Red Scare," or threat of Communism, has conveniently been replaced by the irrational fear of Islam. > read more
Am I Alive Or Just Existing?
Running the gauntlet of life can be hard work, credit card debts, the cost of raising children, or the stuggle to be noticed. Are you alive or just existing?
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Man Dem Nor Glady'O
Kate Glinsman speaks to our very own Director Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr. about the latest Rice N Peas documentary, Man Dem Nor Glady’O. > read interview
FACE OFF: The Pope vs. The Dalai Lama
"Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” and “What is man’s purpose?” Two of the world's most influential spiritual leaders go head to head. > read more
We Salute You
Throughout history, governments have attempted to censor individuals who have sought to expose truth. Who are these people? > read more
William Blum on US Terrorism
RNP reporter Jill Bostridge interviews William Blum, the author whose controversial work has earned him praise from many notable figures.
> read interview
FACE OFF: Rent vs. Mortgage
To own, or not to own? That is the question. An examination of the ins and outs of making one of life's biggest monetary investments. > read more
Protest Is Not A Fashion Statement
In today's consumer-driven world, it seems that no ideal, no matter how profound, can escape the sales racks. > read more
FACE OFF: Hotel Rwanda vs. Shooting Dogs
Two films about the Rwandan genocide of 1994, one made by Hollywood the other made by Britain. How do they fare against each other? > read more
If Women Ruled The World
It has often been said that, "you have to be a man to be a woman in politics." But would a feminine approach really make a difference? > read more
Norman Finkelstein - Holocaust Industry
RNP reporter Jill Bolstridge interviews Professor Norman Finkelstein, author of the controversial book The Holocaust Industry. > read interview
Who is Kevin Sites?
Reporting the world's conflicts without the support of a crew is not an easy thing to do. Especially if you are going to film US soldiers shooting unarmed Iraqis.
> read more
The Politics Of Music
A form of expression, a method of storytelling, a voice for political change: all of this and so much more is categorized through music. > read more
Viva Fidel
The health of Cuban President Fidel Castro has recently made international headlines. Dida Halake shares with us his perceptions of the legendary figure.
> read more
Fairy Tales & Propaganda
Who are the real story makers? A look at the propoganda festered into our minds through some of our favorite fairytale classics. >
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Rebel With A Cause
She has protested in Iraq, been shot by the Israeli
Defense Force in Palestine and recently, embarrassed the British Prime Minister in Lebanon.
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FACE OFF: AK47 vs. M16
The Russian-made AK47 and the US-made M16 are two of the most popular assault rifles ever made.  How do they compare? >
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The Politics of Extremism
The influences and motivational forces that propel a society are many, but what is it that drives individuals or organisations to become extreme? > read more
African Diaries In Focus
Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr. interviews Steve Taylor, an ethnographer who has spent the past twenty-five years documenting the art, culture and landscape of Africa. > read more
Invisible People
The plight and condition of the Aboriginal people of Australia are very rarely discussed in the Western media. As a result, they are open to abuse.
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Integration or Assimilation?
Muslim women who wear the veil appear to be trapped between their faith and the demands to conform to Western conventions. > read more
From "Street" and "Ghetto" to "Urban Chic"
The once underground music and fashion trends of the inner cities have now become mainstream. Has the street lost its cred? > read more
FACE OFF: Indie vs. Mainstream
Big budgets or artistic freedom? Process or product? Free speech or a big ole' paycheck? A comparison of mainstream media to grassroots endeavors.
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The Politics Of Race
Skin color has served as a basis of discrimination for as long as history itself. When and how did “whiteness” become synonymous with “superiority”?
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FACE OFF: Ho Chi Minh vs. Mahatma Gandhi
Two Asian revolutionaries who used two different strategies to liberate their people from the evil clutches of colonialism. >
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FACE OFF: Black Power vs. White Power
An examination of the history, foundations, inspirations, and aims of these two controversial movements vying for racial power. > read more
George Galloway: A Voice Of Dissent
An opponent of US imperialism and a supporter of Fidel Castro, he has been actively involved in anti-war movements around the globe. > read more
Minorities in the Media
In a world where the media permeates every aspect of our daily lives, the power of characterization is undeniable. > read more
Hypermasculinity and the Black Male
From 50 Cent to Nitty, the archetype of the black male has been redefined through music. A look at this portrayal and the ramifications it has on self-identity. > read more
The Politics of Youth Culture
Have iPods, cell phones, and PSPs completely tuned out this generation? An examination of the driving forces behind the apathy of today's youth.
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FACE OFF: China vs. India
An examination of the rise of these two Asian giants. Will India and China soon take their places as world superpowers? > read more
Robert Fisk: A Voice of Truth
Throughout his 30-year career in journalism, he has reported on world events from all over the globe and has interviewed Osama Bin Laden three times.
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Amusing ourselves to Death
Have we become a society so hooked on entertainment and consumption that we give no real thought as to how our lives are led? > read more
Should Bush and Blair Hang?
The world recently saw Saddam Hussein hanged for his crimes against humanity. Should Bush and Blair be brought to justice for theirs? > read more
Why the US Can't Win the War
In the aftermath of the US-led War in Iraq, the citizens of this destroyed country continue to fight the occupation that has supposedly "freed" them. > read more
Enslaving Nations
What happens when the slave and the slave owner are no longer individuals, but rather, entire nations? > read more
Anthony Loyd Interview
Throughout his 30-year career in journalism, he has reported on world events from all over the globe and has interviewed Osama Bin Laden three times.
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The Simpsons - Art Imitating Life?
Is there anyone in the Western hemisphere who doesn't know the Simpsons theme song from the first note? What makes this satirical cartoon so popular?
> read more
Who Will Succeed Fidel?
As the health of Cuba's leader steadily deteriorates, the condition of Cuba in a post-Fidel era has become one of the hottest topics in global politics.
> read more
Born Again Anti-War Activists
Now that the Iraq War has revealed itself as a second Vietnam, has anti-war activism become the popular thing to do? > read more
Godfather of the Pirates
Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr. interviews Lepke, (Leroy Anderson), a pioneer of Pirate Radio broadcasting in Europe. > read interview
Interview With An Ex-Slave
The story of a former slave, sold into captivity by his parents, and subjected to years of imprisonment and abuse. > read interview
What is Slavery?
Older than recorded history itself is the practice of man enslaving man. From the early Greeks to the Western plantations to modern-day human trafficking.
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Stolen From Africa
The descendents of the Atlantic Slave Trade are spread out all over the world. Where do the children of these former slaves stand today? > read more
Ghana: 50th Anniversary of Independence
50 years ago this month, Ghana officially declared its independence from Great Britain. A look at its progress as a sovereign nation. > read more
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Son
An examination of the challenges parents face in a world of materialism, media, and work schedules that lend themselves to everything but parenting.
> read more
The Concept of God
Creation myths and religious beliefs are a universal human trait. As old as mankind itself is man's desire to know or understand his Creator. > read more
White Privilege
In the work place, schools, restaurants, and even tourist attractions, light skin is all-too-often catered to. Why does whiteness dictate entitlement?
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Is Love Real or a Human Construct?
Love & Marriage. Ideal vs. Institution. Has our desire for flowery romance and the ideal of love taken the place of an age-old conformity? > read more
Africa Through African Eyes
Geoffrey Nyarota questions the Western media's disregard of African journalists in the telling of the African story.
> read more
The Original White Rapper
In the 1980's a "white boy" with a love for reggae music left England to carve a name for himself amongst Jamaica's top musicians. > read interview
Cash and Cattle
As Africa becomes more Westernized, cattle are losing their place to the power of cash. Has the almighty dollar replaced this age-old trading practice?
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Globalisation, Aid, and Empire
Who's aiding who? And why does might make right? An intense look at today's global empires, questioning the legitimacy of corrupt foreign policies.
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A Pen For Hire
With the domination of corporate-sponsored media outlets, truth and integrity in journalism is hard to find. Are there any journalists left who haven't "sold out"? > read more
I Rule, Serve Me!
How do the social structures of father and family influence the macrocosmic relationship between African rulers and their people. > read more
New Cuba Doc by Rice N Peas Films
Natasha Tsangarides, the newest member of the Rice N Peas team, talks about the making of the latest Cuba documentary. > read interview
Protests and Propaganda
In an age of government censorship, has protest lost its power? How easily people's voices are silenced when the media chooses to ignore them.
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With or Without Fidel
As Fidel's health diminishes, questions about the future of Cuba arise. RNP Jounalist, Natasha Tsangarides, discusses the polemics of the current situation. > read more
Sex and Race
The taboos of inter-racial dating have long been a hot topic of debate in social circles and pop culture. But where is the line drawn between love and obsession? > read more
What Is Your Degree Worth?
Whoever heard of earning a Master's degree in 7 days? A look at how university degrees may be losing their prestige and no longer be a guarantee of success. > read more
Neo-Conservatism: Fascism Re-Branded?
Where is the line drawn between Neo-Conservativism and fascism? And just how far off are the initiatives of the Bush Administration from those of the Third Reich? > read more
Nigger, Negro, Black, African American
Racial and cultural terms of reference are often ascribed to "people of colour" with the deliberate intention to demean or subjugate them. > read more
Armed Madhouse
Going undercover to reveal the corruption of the US Establishment isn't an easy job. Jill Bolstridge interviews Greg Palast. > read interview
The Cycle of Dysfunction
To what extent are we products of our environments? An examination of the ways in which dysfunction is passed down through the generations. > read more
Corporate Greed, Greed, Greed
Why should the profits of multi-national corporations take precedence over the quality of life for so many of the worlds poor? > read more
News From the Frontline
Natasha Tsangarides interviews Vaughan Smith, independent war zone journalist and founder of London's Frontline Club. > read interview
The Evolution of Hip Hop
From gangsta rap to the voice of youth, hip hop has undoubtedly evolved in the past 30 years. Desi K. Robinson examines hip hop. > read more
The Modern Mercenary
In today's war zones, mercenaries have evolved from rag-tag, failed soldiers into private armies of elite, specialist-trained combat units. > read more
The Church in American Politics
Does "separation of Church and State" actually exist? A look at the immense presence of religion within the political arena of the United States government. > read more
The Wall of Apartheid
The erection of a 436 mile wall that stands 8 metres high is yet another means by which the Israeli government seeks to isolate and humiliate the Palestinian people.
> read more
South Africa Post Mandela
When Nelson Mandela became the first black President of Apartheid-free South Africa, many promises were made. How does South Africa fare today?
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Is Nationalism A Good Thing?
There is a thin line between healthy patriotism and blind nationalism. How far do we have to go before we cross that line? > read more
A Scream from Kurdistan
Few journalists have an insider’s view of Kurdish-controlled Iraq to tell a balanced story; Karzan Sherabayni is one of them.
> read interview
Four Million Dead and No One Cared
The recent conflict in the Congo claimed the lives of over 4 million people, yet for one geo-political reason or another, failed to capture the world's attention.
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Blair's Children
Materialism, Ambition, and the War on Terror: How do the children who came to age throughout the decade of Blair's reign as Prime Minister fare? > read more
Sierra Leone - No More Broken Promises
After years of war, bad governance, and institutionalised corruption, will the newly elected Sierra Leonian President deliver the country from social meltdown?
> read interview
How Long Will The Oil Last?
Oil. Black gold. Texas tea. The power and wealth it holds seemingly know no bounds. It powers our country, our homes, and our lives. > read more
The Rise of Asian Cinema
From stereotypical novelty to respected art form, the world of Asian cinema is becoming the new cultural phenomenon. > read more
The Expanding Waistline of The Obesity Problem
The problem of obesity in the West is now a well-known social ill. What are some of the contributing factors behind this unhealthy and dangerous issue?
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Iraq: Another Vietnam?
As the violence in Iraq drones on, people around the world are reminded of a similar seemingly endless insurgence. Is the war in Iraq simply another Vietnam? > read more
The Godfather of Black British Film
Menelik Shabazz is not only the director of one of the most important feature films ever produced in Britain, he is also the founder of the BFM.
read interview
The Iraqi Refugee Crisis
Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, millions of Iraqis have fled their country, seeking refuge in neighbouring Iran, Syria, and Jordon. > read more
Whose Interests Does the Media Serve?
Is the media using it's widespread accessibility and power in order to serve the public, or simply to meet the demands of its corporate sponsors? > read more
The Rise and Tribulations of British Hip Hop
In the face of it's leading contemporaries, where does British hip hop rank on the global scale and what are the causes of it's set-backs? > read more
Why are African-Caribbean Boys Failing?
The message is out: black boys are failing. But what roles do the government, the education system, and the media play in the phenomenon of systematic failure? > read more
Trying to make a difference
With saturated government and media coverage of failing African-Caribbean children, we decided to talk to Rudolph Charles, a recently qualified teacher.
> read interview
What Can You Do?
How can average citizens take action against the machines of corruption? A look at some things YOU can do to get involved. > read more
Beyond the Green Zone
Antony Loewenstein reviews Dahr Jamail's book, Beyond the Green Zone, a frightening account of the effects of the US occupation on the Iraqi people.
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The Internet Is My AK47
Will the new revolution be fought with weapons, or technology? A look at how the internet can be used as a revolutionary tool. > read more
FACE OFF: Reagan vs. Castro
A capitalist and a socialist.  An imperialist versus a communist.  A staunch Republican versus a guerilla-style revolutionary. How do they face off?
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The Black Leadership Crisis
Historically, the most oppressed race of human beings have produced the greatest and most legendary leaders. > read more
The Age of Dissent
Are your tastes, culture, or political views dictated by media-influenced stereotypes?  An examination of the public’s growing dissatisfaction with mainstream representations. > read more
Between Iraq and a Hard Place
In Syria, Iraqi refugees are preparing to return to the warzone they once called home. "We'd rather die in Iraq than starve as foreigners," they say.
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Diva on a Mission
Jill Bolstridge interviews Rice N Peas’ very own Desi K. Robinson about her views on the status of women, girls, the media, and the education system.
read interview
Is the US Ready For a Black President?
Can a black man win the office of US president? > read more
There's No Democracy in the UN
Is it all just for show? An examination of the harsh realities of decision-making in the United Nations, and the powers who control it. > read more
You're Becoming Clones!
You don't necessarily need a petri dish to start human cloning! Sometimes all it takes is the persuasion of the media and the influence of celebrity. > read more
A Tribute to Antonio Gramsci and Steve Biko
A look at the lives and legacies of two of the twentieth century's great revolutionary thinkers, writers, and activists. > read more
Antony Loewenstein: My Israel Question
Since the dawning of the Israel/Palestine conflict, Jewish scholars and intellectuals who have spoken out against the occupation have faced severe criticism.
> read interview
The World is Watching You, Mr. President
Throughout his two terms in the White House, George W. Bush has experienced drastic shifts in his popularity. > read more
Play That Funky Music, White Boy!
Black music, white music... time to face the music! Have musical roots really been "stolen"? Or is it even possible for any particular race to "own" a genre?
> read more
A Tribute to Bobby Sands and George Jackson
Can social change be ignited from behind bars? A look at the lives of two of prison's greatest revolutionaries who refused to allow incarceration to silence them.> read more
Australia's Apartheid Laws
Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr. talks to Aboriginal activist and community leader Shane Phillips about the plight of Aboriginal people in Australia.
> read interview
India-Africa Summit
The task of mainstreaming Africa in India presents both a risk and a challenge, says Mukul Sharma, Director of Amnesty International (India). > read more
The Arrogance of Western Opinion
Who really knows what's best? An examination of the effect the West's arrogance and condescension has on the less-heard voices of the global community. > read more
Haitian Food Riots: Let Them Eat Cake!
While the Haitian Food Riots have made brief international headlines, the mainstream media has failed to cover the real causes and effects behind the crisis. > read more
The Man Behind The Hood
Ali Shalal is a professor of theology and reputedly the face behind the hooded figure that has come to symbolize the US torture methods at Abu Ghraib.
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The Phony War On Terror
Since the attacks of 9/11, “The War on Terror” has become a household name. But what is the “War on Terror,” and whom is it really being waged against?
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Media and the Youth Identity Crisis
An examination of the media's power to influence youth and their perceptions of themselves, their communities, and their world. > read more
George Amponsah - The Fighting Spirit
Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr. talks to film-maker George Amponsah about the challenges of making his latest documentary 'The Fighting Spirit.' > read more
Africa's Bleeding Media
Across the world's largest continent, objective journalism is difficult to come by. Who are the real tale-spinners behind Africa's stories? > read more
Shango B'Song - Quiet Storm
Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr. talks to film-maker Shango B'Song about his feature length, action adventure thriller, 'Quiet Storm.' A hard-hitting film about four Black extremists. > read interview
Losing Your Child To Peer Pressure
In today's dangerous world, kids are experimenting younger and there is much more to protect our children from than the sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll of yesteryear. > read more
The Media's Middle East Rules of Engagement
Robin Miller looks at some of the propaganda tactics used by the mainstream media to help shape public opinion and perceptions about the Israel/Palestine conflict. > read more
Pat Dodson: This Is Our Country Too
Pat Dodson, winner of the 2008 Sydney Peace Prize, talks to Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr. about the plight of Australia's indigenous people. > read interview
Spirituality & The Death of Religion
Two once-like-minded ideals no longer synonymous with each other.
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The Politics of Language
A quarter of a century after the Soweto Uprising, the linguistic issues which launched the upheaval are still a pressing issue. > read more
The Death of Celebrity Culture
What's hot and what's not? With celebrity status easier to achieve than ever before, are the parameters which define fame about to shift? > read more
War Is Illegal
Will history ever stop repeating itself? A statement on the illegalities of war and the actions which should be taken to stop this one and distribute consequence. > read more
A Different Zimbabwean Narrative
Zimbabwean political analyst George Shire talks to Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr. about the recent elections in his country and the impact of the West. > read interview
The word "nigger" is arguably the most controversial and offensive racial slur to ever be invented, yet many black youths have appropriated its usage.
> read more
A Change is Gonna Come
With the US's political landscape under more scrutiny than ever before, citizens of the US are rapidly calling for change. > read more
The Scramble for Africa's Oil
With gas prices at an all-time high, oil conglomerates are, now more than ever, looking to Africa for its relatively untapped resources. > read more