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The western media’s coverage of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to the United Nations was disgraceful and the worst type of media propaganda imaginable. It is this type of shameful news reporting that epitomizes the biased stance of many news agencies that claim to uphold balanced and ethical values in broadcasting.

In the midst of the chaos which is currently engulfing Iraq, accusations of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and alleged inflammatory statements against the existence of Israel, you would have expected the mainstream media to be focused on Ahmadinejad’s opinions surrounding these issues as well as other worldly matters. Instead, with the skillful art of distraction, which has been perfected by the western mainstream media, they pilloried and mocked the statesman, deliberately undermining his speech to the UN by focusing his visit on a few misguided, frivolous remarks given at Columbia University, regarding the supposed non-existence of homosexuals in his country.

I certainly do not agree with all of the views and opinions of the Iranian President; yet I believe the world deserves to hear his uncontaminated opinion regarding the world and, in particular, the conflict spreading throughout the Middle East.

During his visit to the United States, Ahmadinejad made it clear that Iran would not launch an attack on Israel and that Iran’s nuclear ambitions were solely for peaceful means. These are comments the western media have underplayed to the western audience and have instead engaged in a programme of demonisation and ridicule.

Whether you agree with Ahmedinejad or not, his views deserve to be reported in an unbiased and impartial manner, so that viewers can make their minds up for themselves. Many Iranians both at home and abroad are working tirelessly to bring about reforms in their homeland; vilification of the Iranian President on racial, cultural or religious grounds only serves to unite the people nationally against imperialism and in turn pacifies many voices which may otherwise stand in opposition.

The following is an extract from a speech given by President Ahmadinejad at the United Nations on September 19, 2006. Perhaps it may shed some light as to why he is considered an enemy of the West and why he is so relentlessly vilified.

“By causing war and conflict, some are fast expanding their domination, accumulating greater wealth and usurping all the resources, while others endure the resulting poverty, suffering and misery. Some seek to rule the world relying on weapons and threats, while others live in perpetual insecurity and danger. Some occupy the homeland of others, thousands of kilometers away from their borders, interfere in their affairs and control their oil and other resources and strategic routes, while others are bombarded daily in their own homes; their children murdered in the streets and alleys of their own country and their homes reduced to rubble. Such behavior is not worthy of human beings and runs counter to the truth, to justice and to human dignity. The fundamental question is that under such conditions, where should the oppressed seek justice? Who, or what organization defends the rights of the oppressed, and suppresses acts of aggression and oppression? Where is the seat of global justice?”

Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr.
Editor, riceNpeas.com

1st October 2007

EDITORIAL: Ahmadinejad